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 Organic Wild Crops


 Where do you fit in the Certified Organic supply chain?

A wild crop is a plant or portion of a plant that is collected or harvested from a site that is not maintained under cultivation or other agricultural management. This means that in order for a crop to be considered wild it cannot be watered, fed, or otherwise managed.


In order to certify a wild crop as organic it must be harvested in a manner that will not be destructive to the environment and will sustain the growth and production of the wild crop.


Examples of wild-harvested crops include maple sap, wild rice, dogwood or pussy willow branches, wild grape leaves and fruit, and wild mushrooms.


Occasionally wild crop harvesters must also hold an Organic Handler Certification. For example, producers who harvest and process maple sap into syrup or wild grapes harvesters who process the grapes into juices or jellies must have both Wild Crop and Handler certificates.


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