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Scopes of Organic Certification


The category of organic certification required for an operation (and the requirements for certification) are determined by whether the operation is in the business of handling or processing organic products, raising livestock, growing crops, or collecting products that grow in the wild. Some operations may conduct activities that fall under more than one category and may require certification under two or more scopes.


The following are the four scopes of organic certification and some examples of operations that fall under each scope:


  • Handler and Processor
    • Food processing facility
    • Food retailer
    • Seed conditioning facility
    • Grain handling facility
    • Packaging facility


  • Livestock Producer
    • Dairy
    • Beef
    • Hog
    • Poultry
    • Egg


  • Crop Producer
    • Vegetables, fruits
    • Field crops
    • Seed
    • Nursery stock and seedlings


  • Wild crop producer
    • Maple syrup
    • Wild collected fruits, nuts and other plant products


Contact us if you are unsure of your operation’s scope.


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